Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Finest Kind?
We recommend a ratio of 7 to 1. A single serving would be 7 ounces of water (ice cold, sparkling, or hot) plus 1 ounce of Finest Kind. One bottle of Finest Kind yields an entire gallon! You can make your beverage the way YOU like it with a little more or just a splash in your glass.
How long does Finest Kind last?
An open bottle will last for one month refrigerated.
What kind of sweeteners do you use?
We only use natural cane sugar in one of our blends (1960) because it provides the perfect balance to the tannins of black tea and the tart kick of lemon juice. Our other three flavors have less than 2 g of sugar per serving and are made with just a touch of honey (1753 and 1933). 1866 is entirely unsweetened.
Sparkling Tea?
Yes! That was why we started Finest Kind! The idea came to us while we were searching for natural alternatives to flavoring seltzer. The market was saturated with artificial mixers or flavors that were made from sugar, sugar and more sugar. We experimented with steeping a strong batch of Hibiscus petals and combined that with seltzer from our at-home carbonator. A few months later we made our first batch of Finest Kind. If you make seltzer at home, be sure that you use very cold water in your carbonator. That way you’ll get the most fizz! 
What kind of cocktails can you make?
You’ll see our collection of cocktail recipes here. A standard cocktail has 1.5 ounces of spirits. So, we recommend 5 oz of water, 1 oz of Finest Kind and 1.5 ounces of liquor as a starting point for mixing and encourage experimentation. Send us your creations by submitting here.
What else can you make with Finest Kind?
How about Hibiscus Vinaigrette for a salad dressing using 1753? Or marinade chicken, fish or tofu with 1933’s Oolong Ginger? Spiced rum cake is delicious with 1866’s Orange Vanilla Rooibos blend and 1960 turns into a might fine sorbet or popsicle treat.
Where can I buy Finest Kind?
Here’s a link to our store
What’s the caffeine content of Finest Kind?
All of our blends have 15mg or less of caffeine per serving. That’s low compared to a cup of coffee (75 to 200 mg/ serving) or regular soda (40 to 50 mg/ serving).
Where does your tea come from?
Finest Kind’s Black, Oolong and Green Tea are grown in China, the birthplace of tea. They are produced in the traditional style that has been used for centuries, amidst a climate perfect for tea production and cultivation.