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A Hibiscus Blooms In Sweden

In 1753 Carl Linnaeus’s flower found fame. The brilliant red blossom the Swedish botanist picked years before was finally introduced to the world as “Hibiscus rosa-sinensis” in the pages of his Species Plantarum. It was the first work to formally classify the name of plants. No doubt Linnaeus knew that his flower’s healing power came from its medicinal mix of minerals and vitamin C. His lifelong obsession for cataloguing the bloom along with thousands of other plants earned his stature as a father of modern ecology and reflected an abiding appreciation for the great, green world. That same love of nature inspired the mix of green tea, hibiscus, and delicate touch of honey you’ll enjoy in our naturally refreshing 1753 blend.

We like to keep things simple with our ingredients—1753 only contains:
Kettle-brewed Hibiscus and Green Tea (water, hibiscus, green tea), Honey, Citric Acid. 

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