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90 Days to Tea Time

In 1866, Captain MacKinnon’s hopes were sinking. As he stood on the deck of the Taeping, he saw two other clipper ships closing to beat him in the Great Tea Race from China to Britain. And there was more than a mere cash prize at stake; the winner would also earn the prestige of the press and fans following the contest from three continents. But despite his fears, after 90 days at sea MacKinnon sailed to victory a mere 20 minutes ahead of his closest competitor. It was a breathless finish to a 14,000-mile journey inspired by a tea-crazed country. That’s the passion we’ve captured in our 1866 blend. Its orange and vanilla compliment naturally sweet South African Rooibos for a rich, robust flavor worth a trip halfway ‘round the world to taste.

We like to keep things simple with our ingredients—1866 only contains:
Kettle-brewed Rooibos and Black Tea (water, rooibos, black tea), Citric Acid, Orange Flavor, Vanilla (vanillin-free).

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